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By way of introduction, “mevsemt” really stands for “Me vs. Efficient Market Theory.” This blog will chronicle MY investment returns and compare them to what would’ve happened had I simply invested in the S&P (other than saving me a TON of time and effort!).

My goal is to be 100% transparent about my returns. So, all my readers will know exactly how much I have in my account, how many shares I have of each stock, and when I deposit or withdraw money. Anytime I buy or sell a stock, I will post about it. I will also discuss the stocks on my watch lists, my thoughts about the market, and my thoughts on business in general.


After graduating college in December 2003, my income changed but my lifestyle didn’t. So, a friend of mine gave me Burton Malkiel’s “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” and pretty much everything written by John Bogle and counseled, “Read these, buy a Vanguard Retirement account, and if you’re ever tempted to pick stocks (or invest in an actively managed fund), read the books again!”

However, I immediately became fascinated by investing, and of course anyone who’s fascinated by the stock market eventually finds themselves learning about Warren Buffett, which in turn led me Value investing.

So, on one hand I had efficient market theory, which intuitively makes sense, at least on the surface. On the other hand I had this concept of Value investing, which also made a lot of sense. BUT even if Value investing did work, I knew there was the very real possibility I didn’t have temperament, intelligence, etc. to execute on it…

Nonetheless, I decided to start actively picking stocks. BUT I also decided to track what would’ve happened in a parallel portfolio where every money inflow and dividend went to purchasing more shares in an S&P index.