Monday, September 16, 2013

Easy Come, Easy Go...

Well folks, this is going to be short and sweet...

Similar to my previous post, SHLD has continued its steady march upward.  So today I trimmed my position yet again.  Specifically, I sold 10 SHLD Jan 2015 $60 contracts at $11.70 (for a total proceeds of $11,688).  Given that I bought these contracts less than a month ago at $2.95 ( this was a nice little gain!

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Know when to hold'em?

For those of you keeping track, you know I've recently been buying a lot of SHLD LEAPS.  Then, much to my surprise and delight, SHLD went on a tear starting in late August.  Today it went up over 12%... on no news whatsoever!

Now I know SHLD is ripe for a short squeeze, and it seems like we're in the middle of one right now (~90 MM shares are held by long-term owners and index funds, ~16 MM are shorted, and there are only ~106 MM shares outstanding, hmmm...).  However, the truth is I have no idea how to trade around this type of thing, and with the run-up SHLD has become a significant % of my portfolio.  So today I let prudence take over, and sold both my SHLD Jan 2015 $72.50 and $85.00 LEAPS, for proceeds of $3,438 and $4,681, respectively.

Now it's not like I'm bailing on SHLD, after all I still hold the common, as well as the Jan 2015 $60.00 and $62.50 LEAPS.  Rather, today's transactions were more about managing my portfolio's composition, keeping an eye on risk, and holding my temperament in check.

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