Thursday, August 11, 2011

Out of the Frying Pan?

This week has been absolutely insane!  Typically I'm not a "trader", but the volatility we've had this week has created some interesting opportunities...

Regular readers know Bank of America has been a huge thorn in my side - first I took a loss on the common stock, then I traded it in for TARP warrants only to have things go from bad to worse!  But there's a silver lining; over the last three days BAC-WTA has rebounded about 50% off its lows.  Now this isn't a function of a great earnings release or anything like that, rather it's simply a bi-product of the volatility that's been dominating the market.  

Anyway, as a result I decided to sell my stake in BAC-WTA for two reasons.  First, I'm still underwater on this position so I wanted to lock in a tax loss.  Second, I wanted to use the proceeds to buy AIG TARP warrants (AIG-WT), which are still right around their all-time lows and IMO represent a better value at this time.  Specifically, I sold the 4,000 shares of BAC-WTA for $3.40 (netting me $13,595) and used the proceeds to buy 2,000 shares of AIG-WT at $6.94 (costing $13,885).

For anyone interested in AIG there's a great analysis here:  Bruce Berkowitz has also commented extensively on the company, so you can check that out as well.  And lastly, just because I sold BAC doesn't mean I've given up on the company (or banks in general).  In fact, Citigroup is another company high on my watch list.

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