Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Sears LEAPS... In Eddie we trust...

On Friday I purchased an additional 10 contracts of SHLD Jan 2013 $95 call options for $4.45 for a total outlay of $4,462.  I really hope Bruce Berkowitz* is right and (1) Sears is indeed cheap and/or (2) Eddie has something up his sleeve. 

* Bruce Berkowitz manages the Fairholme Fund, he was awarded Morningstar's domestic manager of the decade, and most importantly the Fairholme Fund is the largest single investment in my IRA(s).

** As a bit of house keeping I've decided to turn off the "Comments" feature on my blog.  The reason for this is I'd like to try corresponding with my readers more directly - so, if you have any questions/comments/insights/disagreements (especially disagreements as I always like to hear why I might be wrong) about this or another investment please email me directly at