Friday, November 19, 2010

Just Sold MYGN

Today I sold all my shares (650) of MYGN at a price of $21.25.  Initially I hesitated to do this for several reasons, the main one being that I think the stock is still undervalued (I think it's probably worth somewhere in the high 20's). 

However, the stock does have several things going against it.  First, there's been no insider or guru buying.  Second, while it's trading at a discount to my fair value estimate, there are a handful of other opportunities that I think are much more compelling.  Lastly, I try to be opportunistic when I buy and sell stock, and I think selling MYGN after the recent (and steap) run-up is consistent with this goal. 

Overall I'm quite happy with the way things worked out - I purchased MYGN in July for $15.05 and sold today for $21.25, giving me an IRR of 158%.  Now if only the rest of my portfolio was doing this well...