Monday, April 5, 2010

My Returns as of Q1 2010

At the end of every quarter I will write a quick post that details my returns. I started 2010 with $107,514 in my portfolio and finished the quarter with $114,624. I didn't make any deposits or withdrawls, so the increase in value is straight appreciation.
  • On an absolute basis, my portfolio appreciated 6.6% during the quarter. Annualized, this rate of return is 29.7% (this is slightly better than the S&P).
  • I've been tracking my returns for 4 years and 3 months, during which time my annual rate of return is 19.4%. Over the same period the S&P returned 2.3% annually.

Following are my portfolio details and a summary of transactions for the year:

  • I started my blog in the beginning of March 2010. Between then and now I've sold my stakes in SHLD and MDZ.
  • Prior to starting my blog but during fiscal 2010 I sold my stakes in PFE and WSC.
  • The only new position I've initiated during 2010 is GMXR.
  • Currently I only own 6 stocks and about 30% of my portfolio is in cash, as shown in the picture below (and on the "My Current Holdings" link to the right).